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Nettle shampoo


Nettle, which has been known since the ancient times, is one of the herbs appliable in the widest range. The English name „nettle” is thought to have derived from the Anglo – Saxon word „noedle”, that is needle. This may refer either to its sharp sting or to the fact that it provided thread for sewing previous to the use of flax.

Nettle leaves are rich in chlorophyll, carotinoids, vitamins (B, C, K, U), tannings and mineral substances. Nettle stimulates the blood provision of the cells, so it improves their metabolism. Hereby the absorption of the special ingredients becomes easier which helps the quicker regeneration of the old cells. Nettle possesses mild astringent and haemostatic effects.

The Shampoo has an advantageous impact on the function of the active bulbs, thus it plays an important role in preventing the loss of hair. Its valuable active ingredients yield quick results in treating dandruffed and greasy hair, as well.