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Herzeria haircare family

The undesirable symptoms caused by various external effects may occur as great problems in the preservation of the healthy structure of the hair and the scalp. One of these effects is, for instance, air pollution which hinders the natural breathing of the scalp, but the intensive fattening, seborrhoea or loss of hair resulting from wearing a cap in winter may also cause problems.

All the three members of Herzeria family comprise the extract of burdock, nettle and marigold, mustard-seed, honey and vitamins and they are rich in other natural substances needed for the healthy development of hair.

Herzeria Shampoo normalizes the function of sebaceous glands, thereby ceases the pathological fattening of scalp and increases its blood supply. Herzeria Hair Lotion stimulates the bulbs thus prevents or reduces the loss of hair. Herzeria Hair Rinse makes the hair easy to comb and shape. It is primarily recommended for dyed and permed hair. To reach a quick and effective result, the products are suggested to be used together.