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Stonecrop cream


The freckles caused by solar radiation and the liver-spots and cosmetic lesion of the skin coming with ageing mean everyday problems for many people. Silanus Stonecrop Cream serves the fading of these symptoms and the general nourishment of the skin.

According to the legend, stonecrop is Jupiter’s present against lightning, fulmination, fire and wizardry. In folk medication its leaves and sap has primarily been used to relieve inflammation and to treat injuries and insect-bites. Its main active agents are carbonhydrates, various natural acids (e.g.: citric acid) and tannins, but its vitamin C content is also high.


In addition to the very valuable antioxidant nature of the plant in Silanus Stonecrop Cream we have also used the bleaching effect of the natural acids. That is why Silanus Stonecrop Cream is excellent in the treatment of freckles and liver-spots, its regular use fades the blemishes resulting from the extreme pigment production. As the cream contains only natural bleachers, its application does not have any deleterious by effects. The cream hydrates, it is recommended for all types of skin.