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Evening Primrose cream


Evening primrose is one of the rare plants opening their flowers around six or seven o’clock in the evening. As shown by its English name, the plant presents its flowers not to the sun but to the moon. Silanus Evening Primrose Cream contains the special seed oil of this plant. The two variants of the cream provide the opportunity to care the skin continuously, day and night.

The most important active ingredient of the oil crushed out from the seed is gammalinolenic acid which, according to the recent researches, contributes to the production of prostaglandins. These are compounds supporting the organization in building up healthy tissues and reducing the possibilities of the generation of inflammatory reactions. Gammalinolenic acid also plays an important role in treating the symptoms of dry skin.

Owing to their gammalinolenic acid content, both the day and the night variant of Silanus Evening Primrose Cream are easily absorbed, they retrieve the natural fats in the skin and have beneficial effects on epithelial injuries as well. The day and the night variants are recommended for dry and normal skin.