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A frequent complaint of many people is the fungal infection of the feet. Warm and vaporous air is the most advantageous for the rapid multiplication of the fungae sponging on the skin, but this symptom often occurs on the feet heating in the shoes, as well. The name of the biblical herb hyssop, which is included in the podiatric products, means holy grass. Owing to its extreme antibiotic impact, it was used for ritual purification at the religious services.

The main active agents of hyssop are essential oil and tunnins. Owing to these agents, it has a strong bacterial, fungicidal and styptic quality the latest one of which results in antisudorific effect, too.

Silanus Hyssop Podiatric Spirit and Cream are recommended to be used in the prevention and effective treatment of the complaints and to impede the sudation of the feet. The cream has a softening effect, as well. These products are patented and clinically tested.

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